Cœur de City Hotel Bordeaux Clemenceau


Semi-flexible offer

Just in time

Having the choice is a prerequisite for a successful stay? For us too!

You want to stay with us but the context makes your plans uncertain?

Take advantage of this semi-flexible offer that can be cancelled up to 7 days before the arrival date at a special price! After the 7th day, the reservation becomes non-refundable and non-changeable.

A tailor-made offer to be booked only on the hotel website:

  • Accommodation (depending on the type of room chosen)
  • You can book this offer in room only or with breakfast included
  • Offer modifiable and refundable until D-7 before the arrival date
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Hyperflexibility & Online payment

Darling Freedom

Pay online and benefit from a 15% discount thanks to our online payment offer designed to meet all your escape needs!

  • Hyper flexible offer
  • Free cancellation up to the D-day before 12 am
  • Exclusively on our official website
  • You can book this offer as a single room or with breakfast included!
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Cœur de City Hotel Bordeaux Clemenceau


Best internet Offer

  • Take advantage of the best offer by booking without an intermediary.
  • One all-inclusive and cancelable form: Room & Breakfast at the lowest rate
  • Exclusive offer from the hotel's website.
Cœur de City Hotel Bordeaux Clemenceau


Be in beautiful bed sheets thanks to the Homppy offer by HappyCulture !

Valid for stays of 20 nights or more, this tailor-made offer allows you to live in a hotel room for less than 900€ per month while benefiting from personalized hotel services:

  • No guarantor required
  • A deposit of only 300€
  • A reception available 24 hours a day to meet all your needs
  • Broadband internet access (fibre optic) included
  • A bi-monthly cleaning included
  • Access to a break room with microwave, coffee and tea available
  • Low" prices with the best restaurants in the area
  • A Le bon Gourmet corner with small dishes available on site in partnership with BOCCO
  • Access to a coworking area (20€/month or 10€/hour)
  • Access to a yoga room (15€/month)
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Payment on site

Room By The Day

  • A payment on the spot
  • A rental of a Standard Double room (1 to persons), with private bathroom, available during the day from 11am to 6pm
  • A single rate of 55€
  • A flexible offer
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Cœur de City Hotel Bordeaux Clemenceau

Bee’sness Room

Modular spaces.

Rental of space by day/week/month for the following needs :

  • Interview
  • Training
  • Daily work
  • Sport
  • Wellness